Table Style Commands

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

1:02 PM

Table Styles provide a way to apply cell shading and font styling to a table. There are a number of pre-built styles and you can create your own.




The styles applied to a page, especially the cell shading, are not updated automatically when you add rows or columns to the table or delete rows or columns. To "fix" the styling in an altered table, reapply the same style. Or, better yet, wait until the table is "done" before applying a table style.


Edit Custom Table Styles

Creates and edits custom table styles. You can change the cell shading for various areas of the table. You can also change fonts for various areas.



When using first and second column stripes or first and second row strips, you must specify colors for both the first and the second stripe or they will both be ignored.



Clear All Table Styling

Removes shading from all cells in the table. Resets the font to Normal in all cells.



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