OneMore is an add-in for OneNote with simple and powerful features that make OneNote a better OneNote
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Why OneMore

OneNote's origin was sparked by the lack of solutions that let people capture and manage information that is "not yet a document"; it's a knowledge management system with a mostly minimalistic "notebook" paradigm with sections and pages just like a real notebook that everyone used in grade school. And yet, it's missing common features many of us have become accustom to while working with modern software applications.

OneMore was born out of curiosity, imagination, and user feedback, both in OneNote social channels and from OneMore users as it grew and evolved. My primary goal is to "make OneNote a better OneNote" without forcing OneNote to be more like its competitors; those alternatives are great in their own spaces and have their own niche communities. OneMore tries to stay true to OneNote.

So come along with me on this journey. If you have ideas of how to make OneNote better, how to enhance the knowledge management experience and utility, let me know.